Monday, July 7, 2008


Dear Family & Friends,

Sorry for the delay getting the latest post out to you all. Even the most devoted blogger disserves a hiatus from time to time. No better place to take a break then Singapore. I think everyone enjoyed their brief respite here – who wouldn’t? This city (country) has so much to offer. Great shopping and restaurants as well as a night life that is second to none.

We said goodbye to just about 120 of our shipmates and welcomed aboard about the same number of new folks. These are mostly reservist, NGO, and partner nation individuals. These people are only assigned for specific segments of our voyage. For instance, the reservists all hold down full time civilian jobs at various medical centers around the country. Normally, a reservist being called to active duty is often a hardship for the person to undergo – not with the folks assigned to Mercy. Almost every one of the reservists who departed this week expressed how much they enjoyed their time aboard and wished they could have stayed longer. Matter-of-fact, several managed to get their deployments extended to participate in the next mission segment.

We arrived in Singapore on Wednesday and stayed through today (Monday). This allowed us to be in port for the 4th of July weekend. The transit through the Singapore Straits up to the Sembawang port terminal is always a challenge…even more so for a ship the size of Mercy. Next to Gibraltar, Singapore is one of the most heavily transited shipping routes in the world. Our departure this afternoon was mostly uneventful; we have safely cleared the straits and are now en route to our next mission stop in Dili, Temor Leste.

As much as I enjoy Singapore, it feels good to be back at sea. Phase III of our mission is ahead of us. I feel the ship is really in its rhythm. The medical folks are itching to get back to work and I know the folks in Dili are looking forward to our visit. One minor detail is ahead of us before we reach our destination… We’ll be crossing the equator the day after tomorrow. I’m thinking King Neptune might be paying us a visit. Hmmm… Pity the poor Wogs!

More to come…



Navy Mom said...

Hello Captain Wiley,

well, i am happy for you,it seems you all enjoyed Singapore and recharged for phase III of your operation, and the initiation of those polly wogs you have on board. I sure hope they are aware what awaits them on wog-day, I just read about it and it is, well, eewww different. But I am sure, you all will have your fun with it, one way or the other, according on what side you are; for you as shellback it must be a highlight to watch the transformation. Hope it will not be so rough like I read about
on the web: US Navy Crossing The Equator Ceremony.
Take good care of the crew and yourself, it's always good to read from you.
Have a safe travel to your next destination in Temor Leste.

P.S. Greetings to Neptun and fair seas,

Renate Di-Do :)

CaptB said...

Captain Bob,
Your adventures are inspiring. Make sure you get online and send your wife some flowers....
Your sense of duty is obvious, your support of our core values - duty, honor, committment - ring true from you and notes from the crew. Please let your operating team know that they are appreciated and the voyage is really epic.
Please keep your missive going, it's great for those ashore who follow the MERCY.
Capt B

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