Wednesday, May 14, 2008

In Memorial

Dear Family & Friends,

I am very saddened to tell you all that we did suffer a tragedy while in Hawaii. One of our shipmates, Petty Officer First Class Jose Peguero, died from an accident while snorkeling off Oahu. It is always difficult to lose a shipmate. It is even more difficult when the shipmate was such a fine individual – a father to two young children - and a dedicated sailor.

His memory was honored last Sunday in a memorial service held aboard Mercy. It was a beautiful ceremony up on the ship’s flight deck attended by almost all hands. Everyone was deeply moved.

Petty Officer Peguero was part of our Seabee detachment. Seabees (from the acronym “CB” meaning Construction Battalion) are the Navy’s builders and engineers. The detachment is aboard to repair and upgrade the hospitals and schools at our mission sites. Petty Officer Peguero was the Assistant Officer-in-Charge (i.e. the number 2 man) of our detachment. His fellow Seabees looked up to him as both a leader and a mentor.

While I didn’t have the chance to know him well, I did get the opportunity to meet Petty Officer Peguero when he reported aboard. What I remember most was his enthusiasm for this mission! He couldn’t wait to put his construction skills to work as part of the overall endeavor of Mercy’s humanitarian mission. He sincerely believed in this mission and his passion was infectious to those around him.

I don’t know why God chose this time to take Jose Peguero from us - with so much to yet to do. What I do know is that he was my shipmate and therefore my brother. Our thought and prayers are with his family.

More to come…



Jose Rivera said...

Jose was my Next Door Neighbor for the last 3 years, within those 3 years that I have known Jose I have grown to Love him as a Older Brother. & Best Friend. The last 1 1/2 years Jose has helped me build my business I remember telling him at times Jose stop being so nice to our Supplier when they would screw up on 500 orders... but like my friend put it.. He was teaching me a lesson in life and now I'm listening. Tomorrow is Never Certain so you have to live in Peace & Harmony. I sit here at home looking out my window just praying I would see you pull up in the Garage or Walk inside and grab a drink!! Jose I Will Miss You Dearly! We all love you~

My Life won't be the same without you..

This is Jose's jam!! I got him on Vid Singing..

OneRepublic Timbaland Feat. One Republic - It's Too Late


Jose Rivera
Tammara Rivera
Jovani Rivera
Anthony Rivera

p.s. the last day I saw Jose was the night before he left on his deployment

Sole said...

I knew Jose as a good father and my friend, Capt. Platano!. A good man...never blew his cool. Never seen him angry. Always smiling and wanting to have a good time.

I'm taking this time to mourn, value my time on this rock and be thankful...he would have wanted more smiles and good times than tears.

To Jose:
"I hear you bro! I'm listening!

Save some Mama Juana for me on the other side!

You are and will be missed!

Cuidate loco."

Steven Cedre

Tony said...

Jose was my best friend!! He was a man that we all should want to become!! He lived life to the fullest and was always fun to be around!! I have known him since 2003!! He always said I was the only Marine he ever liked!! To Jose Rivera, he always talk about how you tough him so much and how he liked helping you with your business as well. I am the one who helped him move from FL. He touched everyone he came in contact with because he was a great man!! He was great to his son, friends, parents, siblings, and his fellow shipmates!! He was a die hard Gator as well!! He loved telling me "welcome to hell b!@ch" Fill in the blank on that. He was like a brother to me and i always looked up to him!! He will be watching over all of us!! Love ya man!! I will miss you so much!! You were the best man I will ever know!! I hope one day to be half the man you were!! See you soon in the future!!

Anonymous said...

We are Jochi's younger sisters. I don't even know what to say and how to begin because I never expected to have to do this.. at least not yet. He was our role model and the best brother we could have ever asked for. We know he had amazing friends, and on behalf of our whole family, we want to thank you all for all the support you have offered. It helps us get the little rest at night that we can, knowing that he has touched so many lives in special ways as he did with us. You guys are our extended family and are praying for you as well. Please carry his legacy with you throughout every day of your lives and never forget him. We know he loved you all very much. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as well.

Jay said...

Just found out my homeboy JOSE PEGUERO just passed away.
I pray when GOD sees him, HE welcomes him and asks him to stay.
It's alot to take in, I know i'm not the only one.
I wonder what can be said, what do I say to his son?
This child who we played with and took out all the time
And now must try to tell him that it was his father's time.
I'm worried for my cousin Taz, how he is doing now
Maybe he is like me, stunned, with his hands over his brow
The hits keep coming, they dont seem to stop for me
Sometimes its not that bad when faced with 6ft deep
Because that means the hits will stop and I can sleep
And rest is something this man needs
BUt i remain standing while the world crumbles around me
Questioning everybody who comes around me.
Sleep well my friend, I hope you find peace, find joy
Look for me at the gates, put in a good word for ya boy.
-Abuelo 08 t.o.l

Jay said...

Just found out my homeboy JOSE PEGUERO just passed away.
I pray when GOD sees him, HE welcomes him and asks him to stay.
It's alot to take in, I know i'm not the only one.
I wonder what can be said, what do I say to his son?
This child who we played with and took out all the time
And now must try to tell him that it was his father's time.
I'm worried for my cousin Taz, how he is doing now
Maybe he is like me, stunned, with his hands over his brow
The hits keep coming, they dont seem to stop for me
Sometimes its not that bad when faced with 6ft deep
Because that means the hits will stop and I can sleep
And rest is something this man needs
BUt i remain standing while the world crumbles around me
Questioning everybody who comes around me.
Sleep well my friend, I hope you find peace, find joy
Look for me at the gates, put in a good word for ya boy.
-Abuelo 08 t.o.l

Tony said...

These past couple days have been rough I was reminded life is so short and precious and that tomorrow is never guaranteed. I'm the type of person that lets little b/s get to me and that it really doesn't matter anymore!!!! I need to remember that I'm not in control, that there's a higher power in control!
This past weekend a friend passed away and he was such a great guy, who left this world too soon!!! Jose was an awesome person, with a great heart, full of love. He was the peacemaker and very giving. I'm so grateful to have been part of his life and for him to be part of mine. I still remember the day I met him, he was so kind. He instantly became my friend!!!! I can still picture him coming to my room in Spain and knocking on my door saying "Palma let's go watch a movie". Jose was so accepting of people for who they were, he put up with "feisty attitude" I once read to love someone is to feel comfortable around them and that's what I felt around Jose. We lost touch for a while and got back in contact. I'm glad that something brought us back together. I never got to say goodbye to him and last time we saw each other, we got into an argument. After that our friendship was never the same and I regret not making up with him. He knows in my heart that I loved him, he will always have a special place in my heart!!! The last time I heard from him was in April before he left for his deployment.He emailed me to see how things were and told me he was going on deployment and the last thing I told him was to have fun!! He will be missed and I carry so much guilt for not telling him "Sorry". It's so sad that he leaves kids behind, and what they must be going through. I will keep his family and friends in my prayers!!!!
I couldn't imagine not being in my son's life!!!!I'm so lucky to have a great son and wonderful husband. I have such a great family and some great friends that love me for who I am.I was so grateful to come home and be able to cook for them today even though it was a 100 degrees today!!!
Unfortunately something like this had to happen for me to appreciate what really matters the people I love and the people that love me!!!!May god rest your soul Jose!!!!

Me0823 said...

Finding out that Jose left us, was probably the worst news I have had to hear. Jose was an amazing man, who was so full of life and happiness. He touched my heart in a way that I wouldn't trade for anything. I treasure the time that I was able to spend with him and I thank God for bringing him into my life. Sometimes being able to see the reason as to why things happen feels impossible...and that is how I feel with this one...I know that Jose is no longer here with us physically, but I know that he is watching down on us. When I close my eyes and see his face I find solace in that...

Just simply knowing Jose made me strive to be a better person. He was so driven and dedicated to all that he did...Most importantly he was a Great Father who loved his son more than anything...Anyone who knows him, knows that.

I will never forget him and will always keep his memory in my heart...

When it's our time to leave this world we all want to leave our marks and impressions, and Jose most definitely did this...over and over...He touched so many of our lives in the greatest ways.

I can't wait to see him again!
God Bless his Soul and Family...

Anonymous said...

I am Jochi's aunt and his family in Santo Domingo (grandma Lidia, grandpa Andrés, Aunties Maritza, Wanda, Daysi, Verushka and all the cousins) we can't still believe that this happened. Jochi we love you so so much and will miss you more than you will ever imagine. We know you had so much love in your heart, that anyone who knew you was touched by your kindness.

We are sure you are in God’s hands now; so we just pray and hope we can learn to live without you in our lives.

Amber said...

I am without words to express how much the loss of you has affected me. I love you sweety! I am very lucky to have had you for a short while but that time is what keeps me together today. Your an angel, my angel and you have been a good listener and a good man.I love the memories of you that make me smile. Heaven only takes the best, and this has taught me a great deal in a short amount of time. The anger I feel for losing you, the hurt and a whirlwind of other emotions, I go through. I am glad that you always knew you were loved by me and I always looked up to you. Many others had trouble leaving comments but their thoughts are with your family. I am a better person for having you in my life. You were more than a seabee and shipmate, you'de drive two hours to visit me or me to visit you, that shows how much you loved and would do for your friends and family. Cj now has his angel in spirit. I miss you everyone else does sweets. I know I must be thankfull for the time i did get to hang out with you. From '99 til now, you are special to me. I love you and miss you.

Amber said...

From Lupe Ramirez- My prayers are with your family at this hard time.A fellow seabee who hung out at jose's house with me.seabee99'- present day.
From William Smith- you were a good man and fellow seabee, you will be missed.I was a seabee with jose from 95-2000,and still in san Diego.

Michael Coppola said...

It was 4 am, I was woken by a knock on the door, there was Peg standing in the doorway. It was the morning of his deployment, he was heading off for the Philipines. I followed him down to the garage where Peterson was waiting, we had been up most of the night packing his stuff . We hugged each other and promised to keep in touch via email. We were neighbors and friends for the last 2 years, It would be awhile before we would see each other again, due to the fact that I would be moving back to N.Y., before Peg returned from deployment. I had already moved my family back to N.Y. and I had been staying with Peg for the last 4 weeks, until I was finished with work and able to return home.
2 weeks later there was another knock at my door, there was Peterson, telling me of Jose's accident. I couldnt believe it. Why, why would God choose him?
My only reason, God needed help in heaven. I had the honor of having Jose as a friend and I will never forget him or what he stood for. Jose loved life and would help anyone he could as he lived it.
He has touched all our lives in so many ways, he has showed us what it is to care,to give,to help and to love. We must never forget what we learned from him, instead try to be the great person he was.

Jose, we miss you!

M said...

Had some drinks for Jose with our friends.

It wasn't the same. It just wasn't the same...

Every time I have a drink, I'll pour some out for my friend.

We miss you Jose.. I miss you

M said...

Had some drinks for Jose with our friends this past Friday, and bbq'd Saturday.

It wasn't the same. It just wasn't the same...

Every time I have a drink, I'll pour some out for my friend.

We miss you Jose.. I miss you

M said...

from: mike delacruz

Had some drinks for Jose with our friends this past Friday, and bbq'd Saturday.

It wasn't the same. It just wasn't the same...

Every time I have a drink, I'll pour some out for my friend.

We miss you Jose.. I miss you

M said...

from: mike delacruz

Had some drinks for Jose with our friends this past Friday, and bbq'd Saturday.

It wasn't the same. It just wasn't the same...

Every time I have a drink, I'll pour some out for my friend.

We miss you Jose.. I miss you

motorolatarmy121 said...

Mike I hear u on that. Drinking Will never be the Same without Jose.

I still look through my window just wishing and praying I would see my Bro again!! For me Life will never be the Same. Jose Truely was an Angel from Heaven sent down to make good Changes in Peoples Lives.. Thats Exactly what he has done with me..

I love you brother!!! U and your family will always be apart of my Life.

See u at those Gates!

Jose Rivera

Family said...

Dearest Seabee Family and Friends-

It has been a while since my last update and I wanted to share with you some
of the wonderful things that have come to pass regarding our dear CE1 Jose

On May 11th, our Seabees aboard the Mercy along with almost all of the men
and women aboard honored CE1 in what was described as a beautiful Memorial.
On Friday, May 16th, the Battalion back home in Coronado performed a Memorial
for CE1... it was amazing. On Monday May 19th, the Peguero family held a
funeral ceremony in Rhode Island. Oscar Antillon from ACB-1 has been with
the family and said it was a very tough but very beautiful ceremony. And
this morning, Jose's funeral and burial were held at Arlington Cemetery in
Arlington, VA. Commander Delao was able to attend and just sent the
following email recounting how magnificent the ceremony was: Read below:


Just got back from the funeral at Arlington National Cemetery and wanted
to pass along a very heart felt thank you from Petty Officer Peguero's
family. In talking with his Mom, step Dad, sisters, and many other
family and friends, they have been absolutely blown away by the support,
love, prayers, and actions of our Command and the Navy in general.
Today's ceremony, although tough in many ways (I had the honor of
receiving the flag from the ceremonial detail and providing it to Petty
Officer Peguero's Mom), was a very fitting commemoration of CE1's
tremendous service and dedication to his Country and his Navy. From the
21 gun salute, to the bugler playing taps, to the Chaplain's scripture
readings, to the very impressive ceremonial detail that placed the
casket onto the grave site and folded the National Ensign with awesome
precision and amazing professionalism....the ceremony was most
impressive and a great tribute to Petty Officer Peguero and his family.

Also attending the ceremony were Congressman Patrick Kennedy
(Congressman from the State of Rhode Island), Mr. and Mrs. Herman (LT
Herman's parents that came down from Maryland), CAPT Slates (COS for
NAVFAC), FORCM Holdcraft, LT Antillon, our CMC, SWC Bonnifer, a mutual
Seabee friend of both CE1 Peguero and BU1 Quimby who is currently
stationed in DC, and of course close family and friends. Again, a truly
fitting commemoration for this fine Seabee.

Once again, on behalf of CE1's family and friends, thank you all. Have
a terrific Memorial weekend and let's all spend a little time reflecting
on our call to service and on those who have gone before us. God bless
you all and again, thanks.

Warm regards,


Having attended the amazing Memorial held by the Battalion in Coronado last
Friday, I can only imagine JUST how beautiful this morning's ceremony at
Arlington was. As stated by Commander Delao, Lars' parents were able to
attend the ceremony as well. I talked with Lars' mother directly following
and she was completely moved by the love and admiration she witnessed for
CE1. She said it was only fitting that it was an absolutely beautiful day!
She and Lars' father had the honor of meeting all of Jose's family and of
course commented on how lovely and gracious they were even under such
stressful and trying circumstances. I was touched that they have requested
to remain on the update list as they want to stay up to speed regarding the
Mission that Jose was so passionate about. This is just a small testament to
how wonderful CE1 and his family are.

Just so you all can get a feel for just how wonderful CE1 was, I have
attached two speeches that were read at Jose's Memorial Service held on May
11th aboard the Mercy. I have also attached pictures of the flag folding
ceremony aboard the Mercy that took place the following day. They flew a
flag at half mast for 24 hours in honor of their fallen sailor and then sent
it to his loving family. Over the course of the past two weeks, there have
been so many amazing speeches, pictures, letters, ceremonies, memorials, and
overall comments memorializing CE1. It is an understatement to say that he
was a man loved and respected by all of our Seabees, by us, by the Navy, by
this country and of course, by his friends and family. The included pieces
are a mere sampling of these materials.

Lars has assured me that the morale of the Seabees aboard the Mercy is up.
They are diligently working to honor CE1 in getting ready for the upcoming
missions. Lars has said that he sees CE1's face everywhere and in all that
he does, so it is only appropriate that they have posted some pictures of him
around their working they can look up and see his friendly face
as they think about him. He also said that they have begun to tell stories
of him and joke around.... the way Jose would have wanted them to. Of
course, they all have tough moments, hours and even days, but they are
sticking together and leaning on one another for comfort.

As you go about your days, please continue to keep Jose's family and friends
in your thoughts and prayers. Pray that the Lord will give them extra
comfort and strength each day as they try to cope with the tremendous loss of
Jose Peguero. Pray for our Seabees and for all hands aboard the Mercy; Jose
was very excited to be part of such a wonderful humanitarian effort... Pray
that our men and women would be able to mirror his enthusiasm and succeed in
helping as many people as possible... Just as Jose would have wanted!

Thank you and God Bless-


Anonymous said...

To all of Jose's friends and Seabee Family,
When I first learned of my son's accidental drowning I could not believe that he was really gone. I love him and could not understand what had happened to him. I spoke with Jose many times since he departed San Diego. He loved the Navy and was very excited about this mission. I prayed with him over the phone every time we spoke and after I hung up the phone. My prayer was always the same, "God, please protect him and keep him safe. Let him be successful and effective on this mission that he truly loves and give him wisdom to make the correct decisions. My son is in your hands." I do not understand why this happened but I believe that God has a greater plan for Jose and that one day I will be reunited with him in heaven. My heart hurts and I really miss him calling me "Mother" but my faith is helping me every day and God is providing me strength and comfort. I feel blessed to have had Jose for 32 years and treasure his memories and his unconditional love. He was a loving son, a compassionate man and a true and caring leader.
I truly appreciate all your comments and heart warming stories. I believe that Jose's memory will stay alive through all of us and his children Alenna and Chrsitian. Throughout these painful days God has shown us His grace and His love. I truly believe that there must be a greater purpose and I trust God with all my heart. I will always miss Jose and will always love him. I pray that his legacy continues and that his dreams of helping people during his tour aboard the USNS Mercy will be completed by all of those aboard the ship. Jose really wanted to take this tour and help the less fortunate. I would like to follow the schedule of the Mercy as if Jose was part of it. I continue praying for the safety of the crew and a successful completion of this humanitarian mission just as Jose would have wanted.
Thanks again and may God bless you all.
Ana Weiner, Jose Peguero's Mom

Natalie Peguero said...

To the love of my life my dearest jose you have been my best friend my rock and my love for the last 10 years!!!!! The first day i saw you i knew you were the man i was gonna marry!!!! We fell instantly in love no one else existed!! Unfortunately after 7 years in your beautiful life i made a terrible desicion to divorce you i was young and stupid and it was the biggest mistake of my natural born life!! Everything i needed and was looking for was right in front of my face all along!! All the trips u took should have been with me and my son and i regret that terribly i ache in agony every night knowing the last weekend you were here we finally made plans to start our life over, to have another baby, and to grow old together i got to kiss your lips and rub your beautiful face with my hands !!!! Why when God was bringing us back where we belonged were you taken away from me?????? I will never know !!!! All I know is you told me every day i was the only love of your life and i got to hear you tell me you loved me to from the ship!!! I am honored to have kissed your face goodbye in rhode island to say i was sorry and got to thank you for the beautiful son u gave me!!! I have you now forever and i will take care of our most prized possession we made out of real love and i will do my best to raise him the best i can i cant promise i will do as good a job as you but i will honor you the best to my ability!! Honey this is not goodbye this is see you later my love my precious angel see you in heaven!!!!!
Siempre con amor, Natalie Peguero

misscass31 said...

Well it has taken me awhile to realize that Jose is really gone.....Keep wait for the myspace instant message or a phone call asking how im doing.....One think i have to say. He was a wonderful friend to all and he will be greatly missed.....I love you Jose!...Save me a spot in heaven!!
Love Cass

David said...

I knew Jose during his time at the University of Florida. He was a great guy! Just wanted everyone to know that there is a huge logistical exercise going on outside of San Diego, and over two thousand Sailors and Soldiers are staying on "Camp Peguero."

I just showed up at Camp Peguero this morning, and passing the sign made me think of Jose--he was a few years behind me at UF, but I always used to talk to him because my Dad was an enlisted Sea Bee!

My thoughts and prayers are with Jose's family and friends--Jose was a great Sailor and an even better person!

alexander said...

Jose and I were On USS GUAM together when we were Seaman recruits. I remember the first time that we talked and we were friends from then on. Jose was a great friend to me when I was on the boat. I remember when we went to be a Seebee and shortly after a went to be a Seebee and meet back up with Jose. I will never forget all the good times that we had and the music that he loved to listen over and over again. As I sit here and look at the pictures of us clubbin on our first deployment i cant believe that he is gone. Jose was the one that gave me the nickname CINO he never called me Alex. I wish that I would have kept in touch with jose after all these years. My heart goes out to his family and his children. Thanks for all the great memories and good times.

Anonymous said...

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Wendy Miller said...

Like all your loved ones, I have struggled in my own grief, and am just now able to bring this to you.
You are one of the most amazing Men I have ever met. When you were first introduced to my family, as a skinny, gangly young Man, within minutes I knew why Nat was so in love with you!
Sooo many exceptional qualities belong to you. You had an uncanny way of making every relationship special and unique with anyone in your life! I treasure the many times we shared alone, discussing the world, laughing, crying...
I admire and respect the passion in all your journeys, your determination to complete and fulfill your dreams. David bought you a printer and computer as he watched you hand write all your college papers with no complaints!
My most special moment with you was the day your Son was born... holding you, crying with you, watching you give him his first bath! I feel so blessed to have you in my home the week end before your deployment. Watching you love and adore Christian while on your belly. You were so excited to take CJ and Taylor shopping, I think there were 15 pairs of shoes?? Taylor wears her high tops nearly every day in your honor...
We were all so happy you and Nat had made plans to start another life together... I do not think she will ever let you go, she loves you so very deeply.
I now understand why God "cloned" you a Son, as I will feel you, hear you, and see you through his eyes forever.
What is it like to walk with GOD???
I feel safe knowing you are in our "dream team" to watch and protect us all.
You are thought of more than often...
My deepest love, Son.
Mom Wendy

Wendy Miller said...

I could not bring myself to this until today. Like all your loved ones, I have struggled in my own grief. You are clearly one of the most amazing Men I have ever known. Sooo many wonderful qualities. You have an uncanny way of having a special and unique relationship with every person in your life. I treasure the memories of our personal conversations and time together. You only refer to me as "Mom." I remember the first time Nat introduced you to my family at Vally Luna restaurant. You were a tall, gangly young Man, so nervous that you quietly threw up your food! I immediately knew why Natalie was so very much in love with you!
I feel so blessed to have had you in my home that weekend before deployment. Gileon was preparing Mexican food for a catering job, you were teasing her about trying to cook this as a Gringo!
You took Taylor and C.J. shopping and came home with tons of shoes for them. Taylor wears those high tops nearly every day in honor of you. Seeing you on my couch with your precious son on your belly, both of you so much in love with each other. We were all so happy to hear that you and Nat would re-marry.... She loves you so much, Son, I don't know if she will ever let you go...
I admire and respect your determination to complete and fulfill your dreams with such great passion! I remember David buying you a printer, as you were hand writing all your school papers with no complaints!
Jose, I now know why God "cloned" you a Son... I will see you, hear you, and touch you through Christian's eyes forever.
What is it like "Walking with GOD??"
I feel safe knowing you are there in our "dream team" watching over us........
I love you
Mom Wendy

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